A String of Chinese Peach Stones

A Book for Daughter’s Rouge Money.

Once upon a time, there was a very talented writer, who had two daughters, to the elder of which he gave every cash he could afford on the occasion of her marriage. Her younger sister complaining, he promised her a far better marriage portion if she would only wait in patient faith. The time came, and not a single silver ingot! Instead, a large packet of written paper. ” Father’s old essays, I suppose. ‘ One character worth thousands of gold,’ and suchlike. All very well, but some-what provoking when a girl wants ‘ rouge-money.’  Father is a little unpractical nowadays; sits up half the night writing. He is getting old.” But the sheets were examined, were sent to the printer, were published; there was a rush for them. Another edition boards worn out with much use, had to be recut. There’s your wedding portion! Happiness that is plenty of money ever after! Such was the origin of the Taoist’s book The Maker the Gods.

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