The doctrine of race distinction has been handed down to us from the ancients. The Book of Changes says: “A clever body can detect nationality by the man,” and the Tso Chuan: “If one is not of my nationality his heart is essentially different. The gods do not accept the oblations of an alien race, and the people do not sacrifice to the manes of foreigners.” And the Book of Rites says: ” Every creature of intelligence knows how to love its own kind.” But it was on your godlike Confucius who could say: “Given instruction, there will be no distinction of class.” The Emperors of our Middle Flowery Kingdom, ruling with supreme, unbounded sway, can alone instruct without regard to class. None else are able.

Foreigners divide the people of the five great continents into five classes — the White race of Europe, the Yellow race of Asia, the Black race of Africa, the Dark-brown race of India, and the primitive Red race of America. The Europeans are subdivided. The Russians are Slavs; the English, Prussians, Austrians, and Dutch are Germans, the French, Italians, etc., are Romans. The enlightened Americans came originally from England, and are classed as whites. The people of each race have their national characteristics, and mutually affiliate. China is bounded on the west by the Kw’un Lun Mountains, on the east by the sea, on the south by the Southern Ocean, and on the north by Feng T’ien, Kirin, the Amoor River, and Mongolia. On the south, lying on the sea, are Annam, Siam, and Burmah; on the west the Three Indias; on the east are seagirt Corea and Japan (separated by channels). And these countries comprise the continent of Asia, the people of which are known as the Yellow race, and all have once been under the farfamed instruction of China’s ancient Emperors. The people of Asia are the descendants of the gods, called before the Sui Dynasty in Buddhist books Ghent an. The Western people dub the Chinese ” Mongolians ” from the fact that they first had intercourse with us in the Yuen Dynasty. Russians call us Kitans,[5] which is an evidence that the Chinese are the same race as other Asiatics. The countries of Asia are so situated in the world that the climate is fine; cold and heat being equally distributed; the people are naturally well-gifted, possessing genteel customs and peaceful and friendly manners. From of old we have been called most honorable, most great, and most happily governed. The highest degree of culture was reached in the Chow [B.C. 1122-255] Dynasty. Then began the decline about which Confucius grieved. The Dynasties following had no powerful neighbors to strive against, but heaped up large treasures of literary lore at the expense of power. This accumulation produced the hollowness of forms, and this in turn begat weakness.

Not so all the countries of Europe. These were opened up at a late period in history, fresh and vigorous. Surrounded by strong neighbors, they were always in circumstances of desperate competition, stripped for a fight and ever striving to escape destruction. Continual apprehension produced determination, and determination begat strength. Of all countries China alone has for these fifty years proved herself almost irreclaimably stupid and not awake. Many of the officials and people are proud and indolent. They contentedly rest in the belief that the old order of things will suffice for these dangerous times, and in the end become the easy prey of outsiders. But China is not lacking in men who have begun to arouse themselves for their country’s deliverance. How different are these patriots from that class who are blinded to the situation, and, regardless of the welfare of the country, hold that if China is partitioned by foreigners it will not affect their wealth and position. And so they take advantage of the crisis to fill their own pockets, in order to form partnerships with foreigners when the crash comes, be “Western merchants” themselves, or be naturalized abroad. These disgruntled people go so far as to assert in a vicious manner that China is incapable of action, and that the Holy Religion is effete. They are willing to cast off their own friends and associates, to affiliate with foreigners and adopt foreign ways. They rest in the hope that China will change in some manner, and that they will be protected by aliens. Good patriots consider such men rebellious. Intelligent men regard them as fools.

India is a dependency of England. The natives of India are eligible as soldiers and petty officers, but are not allowed to hold high positions in the army, and they cannot enter the institutions of learning. Annam is tributary to France; the Chinese in that country are compelled to pay a poll tax. Not so the foreigners. The Chinese are not allowed to travel without passports. Not so the foreigners. Cuba is a dependency of Spain. The natives are not allowed to enter their Halls of Legislation. When America was first opened up, much dependence was placed on Chinese labor. Now when that country has become rich and prosperous, Chinese labor is restricted, while that of other foreigners is allowed.

Not many years ago a certain Chinese official absconded with about half a million in gold of public funds. He placed this sum in a German bank. Dying soon after, the bank thereupon cancelled the account and kept this sum for themselves, giving only a small interest to the relatives of the deceased.

A sensible man will not repudiate his country because, forsooth! there are some things in it that he does not like.

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