The Country Mosquitos And The Town Mosquitoes

The country mosquitoes once invited their cousins of the town to a banquet. Plenty of human flesh was provided, but it was thick-skinned and tough.

Town manners, however, made it necessary to return the invitation. On their way back the town-bred connoisseurs of flesh consulted as to what was to be done. Mosquito-nets were on the increase, and country cousins are so voracious. There would be no food left for the hosts.

‘Take them to the temples,’ suggested the wisest of them.

The suggestion was received with buzzing acclamation. The guests came, and had to try the points of their knives and lancets upon gilded and painted skin. They declared, however, with all politeness, that they had enjoyed the repast, but inwardly resolved never to invite or accept such invitations again.

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