Turn a disaster into triumph

Good politics is just something that turn a disaster into triumph, some time this could be very amusing, looks like a practical joke, especially when dealing with superstitions.

Wên Wang of Chou was regarded as a sage, he was very filial son, and benevolent king. His father Wang Chi was buried at the foot of Mount Hua. The Luan river having undermined his tumulus, the front part of his coffin became visible. Wên Wang said, “How pleasing! Our old lord certainly wishes to see his officers and people once more, therefore he caused the Luan to bring his coffin to light.” Upon this, he held a court, and all the people could view him for three days. Then he had him buried again.

That the tomb ruined by flood should be a very serious bad omen, but Wên Wang twisted and turn by creative interpretation this disaster into some good politics, he held court before the coffin in order to let the dead watch, so eliminated fears of bad luck among his people, and encouraged good administration of the kingdom.

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